Friday, 8 June 2012

Getting soulful

Hohner Blues Band C Major Diatonic Harmonica

When I first picked up the harmonica in my hand at the tender age of 10, little did I realize how much this instrument was going to help me. Then, I lost it. Not so long ago, I had the sudden yearning to play a mouth organ again and I picked up a Hohner's Diatonic C maj "Blues Band" harmonica. This little fireball is amazing and can literally light up an evening. You can accompany it with a guitar and the dual effect is truly spectacular.

Slowly and steadily, I started referencing sites such as Harmonica Country and Harmonica Tunes which helped me hone my skills. To tell you the truth, it does require lots of practice which is the same for any instrument if you look at it. Frankly, for me, this is a beautiful hobby and whenever I get the chance, I play a few simple tunes which the family loves to hear. 

Hohner Silver Star D Major Diatonic Harmonica

Here's one of them which I had my interest on from the beginning. It's simple, it's well known and it goes by the name of 'Kum Ba Yah'. Plus, it's one of my mom's favourites, so:

These are the tabs (music literature) for the hymn and other songs which you can also get here. The basic things you need to know about a harmonica is that it has 10 holes, numbered 1 to 10. These numbers are marked just above the holes. The first number denotes a positive (+) sign which means Blow (in simpler terms, exhaling air). Where there is a negative (-) sign next to the number, it means Draw (in simpler terms, inhaling air). You may also find some tabs with the letters B and D which mean Blow and Draw. This is all you need to know when you start out.
4   5  6    6   6   -6  -6  6
Kum ba yah, My Lord, Kum ba yah,

4   5  6    6   6   -5   5 -4
Kum ba yah, My Lord, Kum ba yah,

4   5  6    6   6   -6  -6  6
Kum ba yah, My Lord, Kum ba yah,

-5  5  4   -4  -4  4
O  Lo-rd,  Kum ba yah.
For those who are looking at learning some easy, interesting techniques on how to play the harmonica, visit this site and sign up for daily videos and techniques on how to perfect your playing.


P.S - The editing of the file is done by my SoundMech Paul. You can get in touch with Paul on his Twitter and Facebook profiles.

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