Saturday, 19 May 2012

When the Cat is away, the Mice are at play

One day, my mother decided to take a flight over the ocean to attend her sister's 50th Wedding Anniversary and so, dad, sister and I were left to fend for ourselves for the next few days before she headed back home.

Jeera / Cumin Rice
Well, we had to eat right? So, dad and I, clueless without the main woman in our lives were wondering what we'd have for dinner. My mother sensing the questioning glances told my sister to make some Jeera Rice (Cumin Rice), some salad and get the Pork Offal from the fridge. She knew this would suffice for the night. 

Purple Delight
I was doubtful of my sister's skills in the kitchen and hence voiced my apprehensions immediately. One glare from my sister told me that if I spoke anymore, there would be no food for me. Well, I had to give in.We reached back and my sister got to work immediately. I was quite surprised at the way she managed the work at home.

I could see my mother's work clearly visible and I was quite happy that my little sister had finally grown up. She made dinner, dyed my dad's hair, did the dishes (I helped here) and put the family to sleep. All in the space of two hours.

Well, I guess some things do change, don't they? I call it - The Circle of Life.


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